Which Flooring Is Best For Kitchens & Bathrooms?

When choosing the flooring for kitchens and bathrooms, you’ve got to think about function and practicality. There are many factors to consider and definitely floors to avoid! Carpets probably wouldn’t be the best to go in these rooms, for example. So, what’s the best option for these spaces? Read on to find out what we […]

Top 3 LVT Flooring Solutions For Offices

LVT flooring

LVT flooring is an excellent choice for offices. Not only is it highly durable, but it also looks classy and sophisticated. What’s more, it is easy to clean and incredibly hard-wearing, able to endure high traffic and swivelling chairs! As it comes in a variety of styles, colours and effects, you can even match your […]

What Are The Benefits Of LVT Flooring?

lvt being fitted

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is a great addition to any property. It can complement both domestic and commercial buildings and comes with many benefits. The tiles are made from multiple layers of various materials that create a strong and resilient floor. They are easy to install, cost effective, and have a wide range of […]

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