Is Underlay Really Necessary For Your Carpets?


Are you interested in getting new carpets fitted? If so, you’ll quickly realise that underlay is an important addition to the installation process. Sure, you can opt not to have it, but then your home will suffer the consequences. Without underlay, you risk a shorter lifespan for the flooring. Wear and tear will impact the […]

How To Remove Stains From Carpet

Dog stain carpet

Staining your carpet can be incredibly frustrating. Not only do stains look unsightly, but they can also ruin the aesthetic of your entire room. However, the quicker you get the stain out, the less likely it is to cause permanent damage. Read our guide on tips for removing new stains from carpets. Dab Your Carpet […]

How To Choose The Right Carpets For Your Home

Striped carpet on staircase

Are you thinking about getting carpets throughout your home? They’re a cosy addition to any house, but to get the most out of them it’s important to think about a few things beforehand. Here’s how to make the right decisions when buying carpets. Choosing The Right Pile Pile simply refers to the loops that make […]

How to Keep Your Carpets Looking New

carpet near bright windows

When you’ve installed a new carpet, you’re going to want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible. In a busy household it’s never easy to maintain that lustrous shine and soft touch that a high-quality carpet possesses right after installation. However, there are a few different techniques and practices that can be […]

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