Is Underlay Really Necessary For Your Carpets?


Are you interested in getting new carpets fitted? If so, you’ll quickly realise that underlay is an important addition to the installation process. Sure, you can opt not to have it, but then your home will suffer the consequences.

Without underlay, you risk a shorter lifespan for the flooring. Wear and tear will impact the material more if it has not got a protective layer underneath. Here are just some reasons why you should invest in quality underlay.


Carpets are the most comfortable flooring option for your feet. When it is installed with an extra layer of cushioning, you can experience an even comfier floor. The spongy material will add a more luxurious feel when walking across it, absorbing the impact of your steps. Without it, it may be installed on cold, hard stone or concrete which can make it feel harder when you walk. Ensure you use underlay in your home for a better experience.

Extra Insulation

Underlay is an extra layer of protection for carpets, which means it’s another barrier to help reduce drastic temperature changes. Underlay helps provide a level of heat insulation, preventing the loss of air through the floors. In the winter, this can help keep the warmth inside your home. It might even help with the cost of energy bills!


Sound Insulation

Not only does underlay have heat insulation properties, but also noise insulation too. As underlay provides extra cushioning for new carpets, you can benefit from a quieter step! The sound of footsteps can be reduced, so steps won’t be as distracting. This will make your home more peaceful. It’s particularly beneficial for spaces where you might disturb others, such as upstairs rooms or even maisonettes and flats. If you want to keep your home peaceful and keep footstep noise at a minimum, then installing underlay is necessary.

Longer Lasting Carpets

The cushioning effect of underlay on carpets help to prevent wear and tear to the underside of the material. This will ensure that it lasts for a longer time and you won’t need to replace the floor sooner than you need to!

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