How to Keep Your Carpets Looking New

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When you’ve installed a new carpet, you’re going to want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible. In a busy household it’s never easy to maintain that lustrous shine and soft touch that a high-quality carpet possesses right after installation.

However, there are a few different techniques and practices that can be used to help the longevity of that new carpet feel.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

We recommend getting into the habit of regular carpet cleaning. By vacuuming away debris, dust build-up, and dirt, you can help maintain the condition of a carpet.

Cleaning comes in two forms: regular cleaning, and an annual deep cleanse. An annual deep cleanse will often use a wet vac and appropriate products such as baking soda to thoroughly remove all dirt and build-up from your carpets to bring them a new lease on life.

A professional service can be used, or you can hire the machinery yourself for a more cost-effective option.

Carpet Cleaner

Preventing Damage to Your Carpets

A key aspect of keeping your carpets looking new is preventing daily damage. Even the smallest amount of harm, if inflicted regularly and broadly, can affect the condition of your carpet in the long term. By following these three simple preventative techniques you can drastically extend the life of your flooring and keep it looking new for longer.

1. Don't Wear Your Shoes

Foot traffic is the number one culprit for carpet degradation, and shoes are far more abrasive then socks or bare feet. As a result, it’s easy to put two and two together and see that removing shoes before walking through your home can prevent an awful lot of unnecessary wear and tear on direct access points.

If you don’t like walking barefoot around the home, slippers or thick socks are a perfect, cosy alternative that won’t damage your carpet.

2. Spill Awareness

Carpets have the propensity to absorb when compared to other flooring alternatives. Therefore it’s important to always be aware of any unwanted liquids being spilt, so you can clean them quickly, efficiently and with the appropriate products. Always test new cleaning products on a small, inconspicuous area of carpet first, just in case it stains. This way you can ensure they don’t become a feature for the rest of the carpet’s life.

Red Wine Spilled On Cream Carpet

3. Take Care of Loose Ends

Occasionally you’ll see tufts of fabric sticking out from your carpet. This is a normal occurrence and isn’t indicative of serious damage. However, it can escalate into something worse if not addressed straight away.

You can avoid any further damage by keeping an eye out for loose ends sticking out of your carpet. Trim them with a pair of scissors before they are snagged and cause further damage.

Loose Carpet Threads

Top Protection TIps for Your Carpets

Protecting your carpets is another vital practice to prolong their life and sustain that new carpet feel. There are three great ways to do this, these are:

Rugs – tactical use of rugs in high-traffic areas helps prevent wear and tear to the carpet underneath

Doormats – these not only have an aesthetic appeal, but also provide a place to clean and remove your shoes

Curtains – for areas with direct sun, curtains can help prevent bleaching from UV rays

Coaster – using coasters under furniture helps remove weight marks and damage from compression

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