How To Choose The Right Carpets For Your Home

Striped carpet on staircase

Are you thinking about getting carpets throughout your home? They’re a cosy addition to any house, but to get the most out of them it’s important to think about a few things beforehand. Here’s how to make the right decisions when buying carpets.

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Choosing The Right Pile

Pile simply refers to the loops that make the flooring up. There are many types out there to choose from that affect the texture and look of the flooring. Low pile floors can be identified as having a flatter surface, which are more simple to maintain as they are easier to clean. Whilst a higher pile represents those fluffier carpets that feel cosy underfoot. Each has its own benefits, so it’s important to think about it practically.

carpeted stairs

Consider The Room

Each room in your house might benefit from different carpets. For example, a bedroom is perfect for exhibiting a plush and cosy floor, whilst that’s probably not so practical for a hallway. The hallways and stairs are going to be the most walked on areas in a house, so they need to hold up well under a lot of foot traffic. These spaces need a durable material that doesn’t show marks easily.

In a bedroom or living room, you can get away with something more soft and cosy with a denser pile.

carpet in traditional style loft conversion

Think About The Colour Of Carpets

You’ll want to choose a floor that matches the interior of your home. There are many designs available, including statement colours and patterns. Most people go for neutral tones to compliment the decor and allow for interior changes over the years.

It’s good to consider that different colours may show up dirt more prominently than others, extremely light or dark colours may make stains more visible.

Carpet Cleaner

Maintenance & Cleaning

When you buy new carpets, it’s important to think about what it needs to withstand. If you have children or pets, it’s good to think about what kind of carpet is going to be best. For example, you won’t want a colour that prominently shows dirt or collects pet hair. A lower pile will be more suitable for these households, as they are easier to clean. Pet claws are also likely to get caught on longer loop piles, which is why a flatter style will work better.

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