How To Choose The Artificial Grass For You

Artificial Grass Backing

Are you interested in artificial grass for your property? It is a great addition to many gardens for a lot of reasons. It’s less messy, less upkeep, and will look great all year round! There are some things to think about before you buy turf, which you might have not thought about before. There are actually many types to choose from, so here we’ve put together what you should consider when deciding on the lawn for your home.

Colour & Shade

You might be thinking that you want green, obviously, but there are actually a lot of shades on offer when choosing artificial grass. Do you want a rich green turf that looks full? Would you perhaps opt for something more natural? The addition of paler greens, with a collection of more neutral shades might look more natural. A lighter green grass is something to think about if you want it to look natural in every season of the year. There are many choices on offer, you’re bound the find your perfect shade!

Artificial Grass

Pile Length

Choosing artificial grass is quite similar to selecting a carpet. You can choose various length to suit your lifestyle. Do you want it quite short and manicured so it looks sleek all year round? Would you rather a longer length to make it look like natural turf? For a just-mowed look, a length of 25-30mm is popular.

Artificial Grass Density

Finally, you can choose what density you think will look better in your garden. Just like carpets, if you choose a higher density, you’ll benefit from plush and full grass. A lower density will be a bit more sparse, but looks more like the real thing. Sometimes fuller turf can look flat, but it depends on your preferences and what aesthetic you are going for! Denser piles tends to last longer and are more comfortable underfoot when walking across it. If you have children who like to play outside or your household like to spend a lot of time on relaxing on the lawn, this might be the better choice for your lifestyle.

artificial grass in a back garden

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